This headline is not all right either

This headline shocked me awake the other morning.

It wasn’t what Paul Krugman had to say that bothered me (it did, of course, but in a different way); it was the use of “alright” in the headline.

You see, among those who know better, there is no such word. And the editors at The Times know better. …

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Farewell, Eden Ross Lipson. And Thanks.

Eden Lipson’s office at The New York Times overflowed with books. Books crowded onto carts. Books rested atop chairs. Books sat in stacks on the floor. Books lay arranged on a credenza. Books waited on her desk.

As far as I was concerned, Eden was books. Certainly, as the children’s book editor at The Times for 20-plus years, she lived books. Eden died this week, and her death brought back many memories.

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