Confronting the zombies of troublesome usage

I don’t condone cannibalism, so I’d suggest using “number of people” instead of “amount of people.”

Then again, this is Halloween, that scare me for the fun of it day when people feast on the likes of “Night of the Living Dead.”

If I were to describe that movie, I’d have to say that “a ghastly number of zombies consume a large amount of townspeople.”

Don’t know the difference between “number” and “amount”? Read on.

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An intents lesson

I suppose it’s possible that the “purposes” we describe here were “intensive” (a strength or intensity imposed from outside, according to American Heritage).

That’s not likely, though.

What we were after was “for all intents and purposes,” meaning “for all practical purposes.”

Oops. …

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Lead Head

“Led” and “lead” seem to cause nearly as many problems as “lay” and “lie.”

“Lead” (as a present tense verb) can mean “to guide or to show the way.” As a noun, it can also mean an element that used to be in gasoline and still weighs down some people’s butts. …

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