This headline is not all right either

This headline shocked me awake the other morning.

It wasn’t what Paul Krugman had to say that bothered me (it did, of course, but in a different way); it was the use of “alright” in the headline.

You see, among those who know better, there is no such word. And the editors at The Times know better. …

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Steering into confusion

I used to work with reporters who would write that something was “thisclose” to happening, and then howl that their creativity was being stifled if anyone suggested inserting a space between “this” and “close.”

Yes, it just looked like a typo.

The spelling in this ad, I’m afraid, is no typo.

Rather, it’s a morsel from the gruel school of usage. …

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Your home it is?

Presumably, Hy-Vee’s copy editor is home with the flu. Well hope for better punctuation in next weeks ad One bright spot: At least this incorrect “it’s” wasn’t chiseled in stone.

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