Dear self-appointed gods: Please lowercase thyself

Dana sends this from Colorado, where she seems to have discovered one of the gods of vacation.

She writes, “I didn’t know a member of the divinity was renting out his cabin for us!”

She’s right. The way we use words speaks volumes about ourselves. The cabin owner refers to himself in the capitalized sense, the way some versions of the Bible refer to God:

“So God created man in His own image …”

The capitalization of pronouns in reference to God is a matter of style and history, though, even for publishers of Bibles. Many bibles use he and his lowercase. That’s AP’s guideline:

“Capitalize the proper names of monotheistic deities: God, Allah, the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer, the Holy Spirit, etc.

“Lowercase pronouns referring to the deity: he, him, his, thee, thou, who, whose, thy, etc.”

So the owner of Dana’s cabin may have thought of himself as a god.

Stylistically, though, he wasn’t.

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