Can the Navy survive without its caps?

caps lock

Deciding that a shift key isn’t such a bad thing after all, the U.S. Navy has decided it will no longer require official communications solely in capital letters, the Wall Street Journal reported today IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Navy headline writers rejoiced at the decision, as did anyone who actually had to read Navy communications.

There was no immediate comment from the New Zealand woman who was fired from her job for using all caps in her email messages, or from the Federal Highway Administration, which told cities a few years ago to stop using all caps on new street signs. There was an unconfirmed report that the Navy planned to spend $83.7 million to install shift keys on its manual typewriters.

Meme generators, creators of bumper stickers, teenage girls, writers of chain email messages, and Donald Trump all threatened to boycott the Navy over the decision.

There was no word on the fate of the all caps Navy logo.


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