You want respect? Get the punctuation right first.

The next time your job gets you down, think of poor Jaymes Butler.


Last week, The Wall Street Journal identified Mr. Butler as the Rodney Dangerfield of union officials.


Oh, all right. The Journal really identified him as the vice president of the “local firefighter’s union” in Sacramento, Calif.


What’s so bad about that? you ask.


Well, if it really is the “local firefighter’s union” (singular possessive), that means Sacramento has only one firefighter. Mr. Butler must be one busy man.


That’s hardly the worst of it.


Mr. Butler also works as a union official – as the vice president.


Your job may chip away at your self-esteem, but think about his job: second in command of a one-man operation.


Rodney Dangerfield may have met his match.

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