When what we say distracts from what we mean

The words on this bottle stopped me as I headed toward recycling the other day.

I stared and pondered.

Now this is concentrate of China.

“Concentrate of China.”

The words certainly had a meaning, but what?

The manufacturer, of course, meant that the apple juice concentrate came from China. (That’s odd enough in itself considering the abundance of apples in the U.S.) And yet, that’s not what the words said. Not really.

Here’s my rendition of what concentrate of China might really look like.

I’ll let you ponder your own.

Think about that the next time you see an ad or read the labels on processed foods.

What we say isn’t always what we mean.

And what we infer isn’t always what was implied.

That’s why we need editors.

And a little Jim Croce once in a while.

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