When ‘gad’ is involved, an extra space makes a difference

Gad gets repaired

As the web has seeped into everyday consciousness, run-together words have become a sign of modernity.

Take TechCrunch, TinEye, LiveHive, TagMyDoc and TileMill just to name a few.

I’ve grown so used to seeing those types of run-together words and names that when I saw this sign in Philadelphia recently, I stopped on the sidewalk below and puzzled.

“Gad gets repaired?” I thought.

Then I realized that either the sign had extra spacing between “gad” and “gets,” or at least gave that illusion. In reality, the store repairs gadgets; it doesn’t repair “gad.”

You could call this a stretch of an overzealous mind, and you’d be right. I quickly figured out what services the store offered. If the idea of the sign was to gain attention, it worked. If it was to provide quick, accurate information, it failed.

As I say repeatedly, clarity counts. And in a world of run-together words, proper spacing matters more than ever.

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