The Year of Blather gets off to a baffling start

I’m beginning to think of 2011 as the Year of Blather.

First, The New York Times whacks me with “incentivize.”

Then the Lawrence Journal-World or the provost of my university (or both) rattles my brain with “commercializable.”

Then Hy-Vee suggests that I stop in and “BOGO.”

Why should I be surprised? In a world in which businesses offer “collaboration solutions,” embrace “forex liquidity providers” and promote their “specialty retail channels,” a U.S. representative proposes a bill to provide “self-sufficiency coordinators” and the congressional website offers to help constituents with a “Congress-to-year conversion,” you’d think that everyone everywhere spoke in tongues.

It might be easier to surrender to the blather and have our self-sufficiency coordinators and forex liquidity providers facilitate collaborative solutions to incentivize the commercializability of BOGOs.

(I wonder if that is why Google News said Stanford’s quarterback was committed today.)

Or perhaps we could ignore the blowhards and just try to buy a bit of cheese.

If only it were that easy.

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