Thanks to the classifieds, I’ve learned to print sandwiches

Commas are wonderfully versatile marks.

With a downward flick of your right ring finger (for touch typists, anyway), a tiny little comma flits onto the screen and separates words and phrases.

Flick. Another comma appears, and you’ve created an independent clause.

Flick. Yet another comma, this one filling in for the word “and.”

Flick – wait a minute.

Commas appear so easily and seem so innocent that it’s easy to read right past them.

That’s apparently how the All-in-one computer printer, sandwich maker was born.

I tried this one out. It made great sandwiches, though their taste was a little flat.

Maybe I need a new ink cartridge. Or perhaps just a spicy semicolon.

Meantime, eat your heart out, George Foreman.

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