Sure enough, the ad says ‘dong kennel’

classified ad that says dong kennel

I’ll handle this typo delicately.

No, wait. “Handle” probably isn’t a good verb to use under the circumstances.

What I mean is that I’ll use a light touch when …

Um, no. Probably not.

I just wanted to say that I’ve never heard of anyone sticking something like this into the classifieds.

Oh, man. I can’t say that. Someone will misconstrue it.

I know. Somebody really blew this one.

Egads! What am I thinking?

What if I said that when I saw this, I wondered whether the folks who owned it shouldn’t just keep it under wraps rather than …

No. Too much chance of double-entendre.

I suppose the best way to deal with this is by just coming right out and saying it: If you plan to advertise your dog kennel in the classifieds, don’t let your n’s run wild.

There. I feel better.

I’m going to that garage sale now. If you see me there, you’ll recognize me instantly. I’ll be the tall guy with the red face averting his eyes from anything that looks like a kennel.

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