Put a bag over your head and sleep away your troubles. Wait. What?

Ostrich pillow
A scene from a promotional video for the Ostrich Pillow.

One usually doesn’t put a bag over one’s head in polite company.

There are exceptions. If you were a fan of the dreadful Aints of New Orleans, you wore a bag over your head. Same if you were doing stand-up comedy on “The Gong Show.”

Of course, I did say “polite company,” didn’t I?

Now, though, from the same corner of the galaxy that brought us the Aints and the Unknown Comic comes a head-scratching device called the Ostrich Pillow.

Judoon in helmet
A Judoon from “Doctor Who.” There’s no word yet on whether the Ostrich Pillow will come in Judoon-size.

The Ostrich Pillow is essentially a soft bag you put over your head so you can nap. It has holes on the side so you can stick your hands in and sleep face-down on your desk.

I am not making this up. And as far as I know, The Onion played no role in creating this, this – device? thingy? head bag? – though it did introduce the wearable feedbag for fast food restaurants a few years ago.

Apparently, though, there are people out there with a strong desire to put bags over their heads and sit in crowded terminals looking like aliens from a “Doctor Who” episode. (I’m thinking Judoon, but alternatives abound.)

The Ostrich Pillow was introduced last week at a site called The Grommet, which champions creative and sometimes unusual new products. There are two models. One sells for $75, the other $99.

What struck me about the accompanying promotional video was that no one near the person with the bag over his head seemed to notice. No stares. No snickers. No cellphones snapping pictures. It was as if someone sitting on a train or in an airport terminal with a bag over his head was perfectly normal.

Maybe I’m not open-minded enough for this to sink in. Or maybe I’m just not tired enough.

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