Lewis and Clark go in search of a dictionary

In the world of misspelled explorers, Louis and Clark must surely rank alongside the likes of Christopher Colombus, Admiral Richard Bird and Sir Edmond Hillary Clinton.

Mike Reilley, who curates an excellent collection of resources at Journalist’s Toolbox, tweeted on Sunday about this AP story on the New York Times site.

In haste, someone at AP was either thinking about the ’90s TV series “Lois and Clark” or about the scintillating YouTube video below in which Sacagawea takes the form of a dollar coin being tossed across the Delaware.  

Or maybe we all just need someone to lead us in the right direction.

For the record, the explorers are really Lewis and Clark, Christopher Columbus, Richard Byrd and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Oh, and the Sacagawea coin never skipped across the Delaware. Like most dollar coins in the United States, it barely found its way out of the bank.

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