How to turn a squirrel into a Web celebrity

Cyril the squirrel, by exfordy:


I stumbled across this squirrel a few days ago on the website of a Washington television station.

Poor critter. It was blamed for blacking out parts of Bethesda, Md.

What foresight the station had to take the squirrel’s picture before it sacrificed itself for all of squirrel kind!

But wait! After a brief search, I found that the same squirrel helps with character development in fiction writing.

And serves as the mascot for Mummified Squirrel National Park.

And, in a slightly different pose, promotes squirrel meat as a delicacy.

No word on whether this squirrel became a delicacy before or after it fried in the blackout in Bethesda. I’d guess that the deification in the mummy park definitely came after the trip through the power transformer, something that would test the character of any squirrel, real or fictional.

The real squirrel began its peripatetic ways in the yard of Brian Snelson in Hockley, England. Mr. Snelson calls this squirrel (and others in his yard) Cyril and set up the “monkey nuts on a skewer” as a challenge for Cyril so he could take a photograph.

After that, Cyril set off on a World Wide Web tour.

My compliments to Mr. Snelson for his photography.

As for the television station, I can only say that just because a picture is available doesn’t mean you should use it – especially when it makes you look squirrelly.


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