How to tell 1903 from 1930

News organizations do their audiences a favor when they write about history.

We all need to understand where we’ve been and how we arrived at the present.

Small newspapers, especially, often embrace the history of their communities, publishing synopses of news stories from decades past. Older readers love these columns. So do newspaper editors. The columns fill space and are easily trimmed when they run long.

Sometimes these columns go astray, though.

I offer this case in point. The picture is from 1930, though the caption says it’s 1903.

How can you tell?

In the image below, I offer some clues. Just move your cursor over the buttons on the image.

You don’t have to be an expert in history to spot these sorts of things. You just need a skeptical mind.



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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Apparently the picture worked only with Chrome. I’ve embedded a new version I created on the Stipple site. It’s working fine with Firefox.

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