Why is the Style section mooning me? Or, a lesson in context

NYT Style

I stared hazily at the folded newspaper lying atop the dining room table.Style section2

Right there, next to the Chex and the napkins, the New York Times Style section was mooning me.

I picked it up and blinked several times, finally walking to the other room and asking my wife, “Why is there a naked butt on the front of the Style section?”

“A what?” she asked.

I unfolded the section and … oh.

I wasn’t being mooned at all.  

“What are you talking about?” my wife asked.

I showed her the folded page and then the full page. She frowned. The headline taunted me. So I dragged my sorry derrière – both the real and the imagined – back to the dining room, wondering whether Mad magazine had an opening for someone to create fold-ins for its inside back cover.

Life is all about context, I reminded myself. I just needed a reminder.

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