New campus building comes straight from ‘Star Wars’

KU School of Business construction alongside images of Sandcrawlers from Star Wars
The images of the building are mind. You’ll find the originals of the Sandcrawler here: and

Every time I walk by the construction site for the new School of Business building at KU, I get the feeling I’ve seen this structure somewhere before.

Sometimes, I think it looks like a World War II landing craft.

Other times, I’m sure it’s something from a science fiction movie.

After talking with my teenage sons, I think I’ve figured it out: The new building looks like a Sandcrawler from “Star Wars.”

I’m not the first to see science fiction shapes in modern buildings. Someone in the U.K. spotted a Sandcrawler turned into a library. And in Singapore, George Lucas created a production complex that is intended to look like a Sandcrawler.

I don’t know whether the architects for the business school had a Sandcrawler in mind when they created their design. I do feel comforted by figuring out what I’ve been seeing, though.

Question is, will the Force be with me, or should I start looking over my shoulder for Jawas?

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