Beware of the ‘Shit-Zu’ lurking about the ‘Crapmyrtle’

Crap plant

It’s Scatological Humor Day at KU Editing.

This isn’t an official holiday, at least not one that I know of. Rather, it’s an occasion to get a cheap laugh as I clear out some photos from my files and make a case that we’re all 10 years old at heart.

So here goes.

We start with a plant sale, where the poor “crapmyrtle” awaited someone to take it home, no doubt for the neighborhood dogs.

I know nothing about plants, but my wife assures me that this one was a “crepe myrtle” or a “crape myrtle.” It definitely wasn’t a “crapmyrtle,” unless Myrtle – no, I’m not going there.

App explore your world butt2

Next we travel to the App Store – OK, it’s an app finder – where we find this truncated version of Explore Your World. Apparently this is the personal version.

Dairy air 1

Next we travel to Portland, Ore., where The Oregonian published this headline last summer. I appreciate clever wordplay as much as anyone, but this fell flat, I’m afraid. The article had nothing to do with the odor of milk, milk cows or, thankfully, derrieres.

It did remind me of the Lawrence barbecue restaurant whose giant sign boasts, “Our butts smell good.” Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that sign. I tried, but as I approached with a camera, diners stared out at me from window seats. It all felt too personal. 

Shit-zu obit2

Finally, we travel to the obituary page, where the poor Shih Tzu ended up in a pile. It’s enough to make you buy a cheap crapmyrtle and try some bad lip reading.

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