In memory of Drew Anderson, 1989-2011

Drew Anderson loved editing.

He loved the way words fit together, the way the right headline could sell a story. He loved to troubleshoot problems in the newsroom, to work with his colleagues to create something larger than any of them. He loved the camaraderie of The University Daily Kansan, the feeling of belonging and purpose that emerged when a deadline loomed, the direction that editing offered in life.

That’s a lot of “love” for one paragraph, but it’s impossible to think about Drew Anderson and not think about that eager smile, that face that radiated with possibility and determination, acceptance and love.

Drew loved life. He infused all of us who knew him with an appreciation for our own lives – and for Drew.

He’d be embarrassed to hear that. We’d tell him with mock toughness, “Get over it. It’s true.”

He’d smile that smile, and we’d appreciate him all the more.

We’ll miss him.

(Read more about Drew in the University Daily Kansan, and see the video below.)

Differently Abled (J536) from KUJournalism on Vimeo.

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