How fast can you see? and other p. 1 questions

I’m almost afraid to get into the car after seeing this list.

I’m imagining the streets and highways turning into racetracks, drivers holding stopwatches in outstretched arms, noses pressed to windshields, eyes squinting, engines roaring.

I’m imagining small children running in terror as they try to cross the streets, Dora the Explorer backpacks falling behind them and exploding as relentless drivers rip through intersections.

All of this because people need answers to questions posed by this graphic:

1. If you should never drive faster than you can see, then just how fast can you see?

2. Just when was the last time you got into a car and didn’t expect to stop?

All the rest are quite helpful.

But those first two …

Next time, someone needs to say, “Hey, this doesn’t make any sense!”

That’s always a good line for an editor.

Who knows? It might just save the world from chaos.

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