Singing the praises of strong verbs and good writing

Good writing bursts from the page and into the conscience.

It sharpens the knowable. It illuminates the unknown.

So let’s stop for a minute and admire a bit of good writing.

It’s a lead from an Associated Press story about tornadoes in Texas last week.

These tornadoes raked Dallas, the story tells us. They crumbled a wing of a nursing home. They spiraled trailers like footballs.

Great verbs fueled what could have been a mundane lead and propelled what could have been a routine account of an all-too-common weather story.

They pushed the news right to my face and forced me to take notice.

Even in a world glimmering with multimedia baubles, good writing still shines with a special brightness.

So let’s hear it for strong verbs and good writing, the twin superheroes.

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