I open the bottle electric

And when I do, I find electric wine!

“Gentlemen, look on this wonder!

“Whatever the bids of the bidders, they cannot be high enough for it;

“For it the globe lay preparing quintillions of years, without one animal or plant;

“For it the revolving cycles truly and steadily roll’d.

“In this head the all-baffling brain;

“In it and below it, the makings of heroes.”

I open the bottle electric – 30 times on a single charge!

And 30 times I wonder! I truly wonder!

What exquisite senses must inhabit this advertising person

Who so offered me these words! These adjectives! This glorious split!

Electric wine! O it truly warms the soul!

Even as, no doubt, it makes the Body of poor Mr. Whitman weep.

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