How a virus gave a mosquito a ride

Virus carrying mosquito

Mosquitoes are vampires of the insect world.

Sloppy syntax, on the other hand, is a vampire of the grammatical world.

Mosquitoes suck blood from mammals; sloppy syntax sucks the lifeblood from sentences – or, in this case, a headline.Virus carrying mosquito

A hyphen could have plunged a stake through the heart of this headline vampire:

West Nile Virus-Carrying Mosquito

That would have created a cumbersome construction, though.

The easier way to vanquish the bloodsucker would have been to simply rearrange the word order (the syntax):

Mosquito Carrying West Nile Virus

Like magic, the monster mosquito vanishes.

You might even say that proper syntax is like a monster mash.

Or is that Monster Mash?

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