Headline trouble of the naughty variety

When you write headlines, you must have a dirty mind.

It’s required.

If you don’t come by a dirty mind naturally, you have to cultivate one.

Hang around teenage boys. Recite limericks with Nantucket rhymes. Read a bodice-ripper. Do something.

Otherwise, you end up with headlines like this one, which adds an unintended erotic element to the battle for the future of Egypt.

And once you let one double-entendre slip past, others start to peek out from unintended places. (Think of the other kind of supporters. Then go ahead and snicker.)

That’s not what you want when you write headlines.

Turn on is a legitimate phrase, but when you split the on from the noun it works with (in this case, protesters), you create arousal rather than resistance.

Attack could have replaced turn on, getting across the same point without raising, um, eyebrows.

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