Heading two directions in the same headline

Jacob at Ruby Zippers sends this headline with a simple note: “Eating a bagel, confused.”

I had the same confusion while I was eating Shredded Wheat.

The top headline says a candidate for athletics director won’t be coming to KU. The deck says he turned down Tulsa’s offer to stay there.

Sounds like limbo to me.

Of course, a simple “and” would have avoided the confusion:

A.D. front-runner turns down reported offer and stays at Tulsa

Then again, he didn’t turn down a reported offer; he either had an offer or he didn’t. The headlines yesterday declared him the new KU athletics director; today they say he isn’t (sort of), although he really never was.

If you are as confused as Jacob and I, grab a bagel or a bowl of cereal. I’ve heard that limbo leads to long waits.

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