Going north for the winter

Before we get to the problems in this headline, let’s clarify something: This is for a story about baseball.

Problem 1: We suggest that Minnesota isn’t part of the Midwest. There goes our invite to the next potluck.

Problem 2: We suggest that the Kansas baseball team will flee to Minnesota – in February – for better weather.

I’m no expert on Minnesota weather, but the last time I was in Minneapolis in February, the polar bears wore parkas and the snow “flurries” were about two feet deep.

I  thought I’d check a webcam at the University of Minnesota, just to be sure. It doesn’t look like baseball weather to me, but maybe I’m just not a big enough fan.

We could have averted this confusion (and banishment from the potluck) had we said that the baseball team was traveling to Minneapolis to play in the Metrodome, which has a roof and a thermostat.

As for winter in Minnesota, don’t take my word for it. Who knows better than Garrison Keillor?

Now this is winter.

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