64,700 holiday clichés later …

Headline tis the season 3

This started out as a snarky little post about holiday clichés.

My local newspaper published the “’Tis the season” headline below this week, making me sigh as I read.

Really? I thought. Really?

As I was getting ready to post the headline, I decided to check Google News to get a little holiday context. The snark drained right out of me.Headline tis the season 001

Here’s a sampling of what I found:

In Arkansas, ’tis the season for campaign giving.

In Utah, ’tis the season for frozen pipes.

At Forbes, “Tis the Season To Be Giving.” (Yes, the cliché came without the appropriate punctuation.)

In New Jersey, ’tis the season to lock your vehicles.

In the mortgage industry, ’tis the season for retirement home buying.

In California, ’tis the season for fighting over Christmas lights.

In the Berkshires, ’tis the season for cat adoption.Tis the season headline email alert

In Michigan, ’tis the season for grandma scams. (I suspect that may involve grandma getting run over by a reindeer.)

If all, Google News provided a list of 64,700 articles with “’Tis the season” in them.

And if that wasn’t enough, it offered to alert me every time it found similar articles.

I decided to pass. There are still 20 days until Christmas, and my inbox just isn’t that big.

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