He’s a lectern! But does he know what one is?

Lectern man2

For your entertainment and edification, Obiter Dicta offers Lectern Man.

Lectern Man was inspired by the accompanying bit of mangled usage.

He's a lectern2

We’re not sure whether Lectern Man fits the profile exactly – he’s a wooden speaker, after all, though you could consider him a pillar of the community – but you get the idea.

Lectern Man deserves his day in the limelight if only because the poor lectern itself seems doomed to obscurity.

Actually, the lectern will probably stay, but its name has followed whom into the Pasture of Lost Words.Behind podium

Ask someone, “Whom did you see standing at the lectern?” and more often than not, you’ll get in response, “Huh?”

Which is why we get sentences like the one at right, also from a sports story.

The writer meant lectern, but lectern seems to show up only when sportswriters mean lector.

That will all change now, though, because Lectern Man will ascend the podium – meaning platform or stage – and edify the ignorant.

The coach, meanwhile, is stuck behind the podium, no doubt trying to figure out who put his notes on the lectern.

Obama and Mangino

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