Watch those chicken cliches. The piper is back with a reset button.

Chicken reset button with piper

Sen. John McCain plunged into the ugly world of mixed metaphorical clichés this week as he ranted about Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Tuesday, McCain said:

“This is the same guy that the president of the United States pushed the ‘reset button’ time and again with. After five years of believing that somehow Vladimir Putin was anything other than what he is, we are now paying the piper. The chickens are coming home to roost.”

To recap: The president pushed the reset button, reminding the piper that he was owed back wages and signaling to the tired chickens that the coop had reopened.

McCain has shown great fondness for roosting chickens in the past, shooing them home as he complained about Guantanamo Bay and President Obama.

In 2012, he offered this gem:

McCain roosting in middle east

Of course, those poor roosting chickens have been abused in every way imaginable over the last few years, and not just by John McCain.

Out on the wild web, you’ll find liberal chickens coming home to roost, racist chickens coming home to roost, deregulated chickens coming home to roost, civil union chickens coming home to roost, tea party chickens coming home to roost, war on terror chickens coming home to roost, and even lobbyist chickens coming home to roost.

These two are clearly my favorites, though:Roost 4I’m not sure whether ethanol chickens are different from regular chickens. I’m also not sure whether the piper can push the reset button if the chickens decide to globalize.

Maybe John McCain knows.

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