A word to pull out of your butt once in a while

All too often, I point out the flaws in language.

So it’s nice to find an example of someone who uses just the right word.

A Frazetta cover from http://frankfrazetta.org/

And what a word it is: “callipygian.”

That’s the word Bruce Weber and Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times used yesterday in an obituary of Frank Frazetta.

Frazetta made a name by creating images of muscle-bound heroes and buxom heroines for comic books, fantasy novels, movie posters and the like.

Weber and Itzkoff described the damsels he created as “bosomy” and “callipygian.”

“Callipygian” means having beautiful or well-shaped buttocks.

In most of his artwork, Frazetta left little to the imagination, as you can see in this collection, and “callipygian” perfectly describes the characters. It’s a word that comes from Greek, referring to a statue of Aphrodite.

So here’s to Bruce Weber and Dave Itzkoff for their precision. Here’s to Frank Frazetta for his images.

And here’s to “callipygian.” I hope it’s a word you can use, not just sit on.

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