That’s ‘sleight of hand,’ not ‘slight of hand’

“Sleight of hand” means trickery or deft maneuvering with the hands.

“Slight of hand” could mean someone who wears an extra small glove, I suppose.

Then again, it could just mean “I didn’t know any better and didn’t look it up.”

Alas, misuse of the phrase is common enough that Google feels compelled to offer auto-fill searches for it.

I even found a band called Slight of Hand. It has three guitarists and a drummer, none of whom seem to have particularly small hands.

I’d like to give the band members the benefit of the doubt about the name and think that they were making a profound statement on the need to prevent knuckle-cracking or something like that. On their Web pages, though, they can’t spell “history,” don’t know a singular from a plural and don’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s.”

This, apparently, is an aural group that could have used a good dicshunrey.

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