Specious vs. spacious and the case of the plausible rooms

classified ad that says "specious rooms"

The world of real estate often requires a guidebook to make sense of its vocabulary.

For instance, a “fixer-upper” means a house you’ll spend the rest of your life repairing.

“Cute” means the house’s living room is also an eat-in bedroom. (An agent once told me, “When a Realtor says a house is small, you know it’s small.”)

So when an ad says a house has “nine specious rooms,” what should we think?

“Specious” means “plausible” or “superficially pleasing” without having merit. So perhaps the “rooms” listed in the ad are actually closets or cabinets. Maybe the rooms are actually in the house next door or exist only in the ad.

Most likely, autocorrect turned “spacious” into “specious” and no one noticed.

We’re talking about real estate, though, so who knows?

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