No, it isn’t fair

family friendly fair small

It’s fare, as in something offered for entertainment or consumption.

A fair can be a form of entertainment, which apparently is what the ad creators at The Lawrence Journal-World were thinking when they wrote this.

And though Ghostbusters and The Wizard of Oz are full of exhibitionists, the movies themselves aren’t exhibitions, which is what fairs are.

Fairs do contain a lot of fare, usually the deep-fried kind (Zucchini Weenies and chicken-fried bacon, anyone?). For some people, the whole point of fairs is the fare. That type of fare is food, though, not entertainment.

Then again, some people go to fairs for the entertainment, don’t they?

So is it fair to say that when given a fair chance, both food lovers (OK, grease lovers) and entertainment lovers would fare well with the fare at a fair, especially on a fair day?

Sorry, I clogged your brain with Zucchini Weenis and chicken-fried bacon and then gave you a brain twister to chew on. (Did I mention the deep-fried butter?)

Oh, go ahead and say it: That’s not fair.

For many of us, it’s not fare either.

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