In this election, subliminal messages reign (or is it rain?)

The official slogan of the Sheesh! Party
The official slogan of the Sheesh! Party

Let’s think about this:

Reign means to rule, to predominate, to possess power over, to – you get the idea.

So if you plan to “reign in government overspending,” it’s like saying, “Give me the checkbook and stand back, Uncle Sam. The royal treasury is mine!”

In this political climate, I don’t think that’s what candidates have in mind. And yet:

In Nebraska:

Reign in spending 001

In Missouri …

Reign in spending4

In California …

Reign in spending 3SD

In Minnesota …

Reign in spending5

I can’t tell whether there’s a subliminal message in those statements or just a wave of ignorance and bad spelling.

Whatever the case, I’m mad at misspelling and I’m not going to take it anymore! I’m starting my own political movement, the Sheesh! Party.

As your candidate, I vow to rein in linguistic ignorance and put a dictionary in every pocket. I’ll put up billboards. I’ll attend rallies and hold up giant signs that say Sheesh! every time a politician butchers the language. I’ll stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and read from the American Heritage Dictionary.

Or maybe I’ll just play the Beatles REALLY LOUD and fight ignorance one post at a time.

I voted today. Did you?

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