Do yourself a favor: Learn to edit your own work

I sometimes wonder whether people bother to look – really look – at the things they put online.

If they did, surely they’d see “Is the students learning?” and realize that something was amiss.

Then again, if you read the first sentence of the article, you’ll see that perhaps the headline has a purpose: keeping readers away.

Yes, that’s harsh, but that sentence takes so many twists and turns that it wraps itself in a straightjacket.

For those of you not up on the latest education jargon, MOOCs stands for massive open online courses. Those are the free online courses that have attracted hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.  

In online education circles, MOOCs is a perfectly acceptable term.

In any education circle, a sentence like “Is the students learning” makes you look dumb.

Editing improves your credibility.  So please take a second look.

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