Finger me not

You were thinking of something dirty, weren’t you? Shame on you!

Actually, I was thinking of something dirty, too, but I chose not to say it.

Rather, I decided to think of this headline as a Murdochism, the sort of thing you see in Rupert Murdoch’s publications.

After some database research that involved stories about bank cashiers taunting customers with $1,000 bills, Frisbee-throwers injuring themselves, and lots of people wishing for good luck, I decided that the headline was not a Murdochism, after all.

I did come up with a new slogan for the Journal, though.

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Lead Head

“Led” and “lead” seem to cause nearly as many problems as “lay” and “lie.”

“Lead” (as a present tense verb) can mean “to guide or to show the way.” As a noun, it can also mean an element that used to be in gasoline and still weighs down some people’s butts. …

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