Finger me not

You were thinking of something dirty, weren’t you? Shame on you!

Actually, I was thinking of something dirty, too, but I chose not to say it.

Rather, I decided to think of this headline as a Murdochism, the sort of thing you see in Rupert Murdoch’s publications.

After some database research that involved stories about bank cashiers taunting customers with $1,000 bills, Frisbee-throwers injuring themselves, and lots of people wishing for good luck, I decided that the headline was not a Murdochism, after all.

I did come up with a new slogan for the Journal, though.

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The Web made him do it

I know of far too many online sites that torture the public. (Perhaps you would even add this one to the list.)

I’ve never heard of one that pushed someone to commit torture, though. Imagine:

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