Take my ‘chachtskis’ – please

There are no “skis” in “chachkas” or “tchotchkes” or however you want to spell it because those thingamabobs in the classified ad are pronounced “choch-kuhs,” which you’d know if you spoke Yiddish, which is what the word is.

Of course, here in the Midwest, most of us aren’t Yiddish but we still like to throw out the occasional Yiddish word because saying “chachkas” or “tchotchkes” or however you want to spell it sounds more cosmopolitan than “cheap doodads,” which is what “chachkas” or “tchotchkes” or …

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Impartially uninterested?

“Disinterested” has been misused so often that some writers forget its real meaning. “Disinterested” is an adjective that means “impartial.” A judge should show disinterest. A referee should be a

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