Sorry, Dad. We’re selling you along with the old TV.

This garage sale ad seemed appropriate with Father’s Day coming up.

Clean out the garage, clean out the basement, clean out the closet and clear away unwanted family members.

The capitalization amused me: “DVD Players,” capitalized; “Coffee,” capitalized; “dads,” lowercase.

Of course, this could have been part of the sale from the “Huge Family” in the ad below.

Or perhaps the sale of the dads went along with the sale of the “small safe, belly dancer.” Yes, that one’s a stretch, given that the correct punctuation would be “small, safe belly dancer.”

Here’s my theory, though: The belly dancer distracted everyone’s attention long enough for the dads to escape. The dancer joined them later in a small, safe location, where they all drank Coffee and plotted how to reclaim their respective garages and how to earn the same capitalized respect as DVD Players.

Keep an eye out for them at a garage sale near you.

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