Next time you wash your hair, grab this bottle of lice

Lice in hair 001 This ad from the Sunday coupons wasn’t aimed at me.

I know that for two reasons:

  1. I’ve never worn a white tux.
  2. I’m not a fan of lice.

It did make me wonder whether someone in creative piped up at a meeting and screamed, “I’ve got it! Hair and Old Spice go together like shampoo and lice!”

Of course, the critters camping out in this guy’s hair could be fleas, but that doesn’t rhyme so well.

If you doubt that a conversation like that could happen, keep in mind that this same company tried to turn armpits into vacation destinations.

I didn’t buy that one either.

I’m sure someone thought this ad was edgy. I just found it itchy. It left me scratching my head all the way to the exterminator — I mean the recycling.

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