Next time you flaunt me in an ad, please change my diaper first

Hy-Vee diaper ad, father holding baby, bottom of baby's diaper looks brown

The grocery inserts in this morning’s newspaper included this picture of a baby’s butt.

I had no problem with that. The ad promotes diapers, after all.

I wasn’t sure about that brown stain on the diaper, though.

Either the ad suggests that these diapers hold up even when dads scare the you-know-what out of their children, or it captures the moment before a voluminous diaper blowout.

I’m leaning toward the blowout.

“Honey, could you please change Mildred before dinner? Oh, honey, I wouldn’t toss her into the air right now. Really, honey, she needs her diaper changed before … oh, honey. Oh … eew … honey, you really should have closed your mouth.”

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