More language lessons from the App Store

Once again it’s time for Language Lessons from the App Store, a periodic feature that helps you see that writing code is not the same as writing sentences.

Let’s start by jogging down some notes. For those of you who have trouble writing while running, there’s now an app for that.

If you’re a Mac user and have been waiting for a CamCam, please note that it will soon currently be supported yet. Currently not yet, but soon. We promise.

If you are after 3D wallpaper, don’t waste your time by getting others crappy 3D wallpaper app. Get this one. Both quality and satisfaction is ensured. You needn’t to look anywhere else. It has the best astonishing and comprehensible collection. Get it?

You’ll find lots of hubris at the App Store. Consider this app, which is so good you won’t need a help file. Ever. Some writers I’ve known have said the same thing about dictionaries. Some lost drivers I’ve known have said the same thing about maps. Some tightrope walkers I used to know said the same thing about nets.

Of course, some app developers write quite well but choose head-scratching names for their apps. Consider Penultimate. Undoubtedly the makers of the app thought they were being clever and hinting that this was the ultimate pen for the iPad. Of course, penultimate means next to last. Bragging that an app is almost the worst available doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. And the idea of Penultimate Support makes me want to run screaming.

We’ll end with Procreate, another attempt at cleverness infused with hubris.

I’d suggest discretion with shouting out the name of the app while using it, though.

“Honey, have you seen the iPad?”

“I have it. I’m in here Procreating.”

I’ll let you figure out how that ends.

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