Do you know this man? If so, hunch over and bellow.

When I saw this guy in a Walmart ad this morning, I knew he looked familiar.

Somehow, I just couldn’t place him, though. I thought so hard that my brain started to hurt.

Not wanting to burst a vessel on the Walmart ad, I shifted to The New York Times. The Sunday Review section offered this picture. It could be a distant cousin, I supposed, but the guy’s hair is all wrong.

My head kept pounding.

Somewhere … somewhere. I had seen that head somewhere.

In a sudden burst of recognition, I realized why that guy looked familiar.

He’s a Gumby. 

No, not the green, bendy kind of Gumby. The Michael Palin and Monty Python kind of Gumby. The guy from the ad could fit right in.

Michael Palin as a Gumby, alongside Walmart ad guy posing as a Gumby.

The realization made my brain feel better, though I began to have the urge to hunch over, bend my elbows out and clench my fists.

Anyone know a good doctor who looks like John Cleese?


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  1. I have an Australian friend who always likes to say, “Don’t be a Gumby!” or “I feel like a Gumby!” Now I understand.

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