An incumbent recumbent, riding toward re-election

Incumbent bike 001

Elections often draw unusual write-in candidates.

Strike that. Elections always draw unusual candidates, but the write-ins are sometimes the most unusual.

Strike that again. Elections always draw unusual candidates, but the write-ins receive votes out of disillusionment or warped voter humor. They range from the fictional (Mickey Mouse, Elmo) to the flamboyant (Paris Hilton, Cher) to the long-dead (Eugene Debs, a bag of rocks) to the inanimate (far too many choices to list).

At this house, a bicycle not only ran for election but apparently won. (Congressional candidate, maybe?) 

Presumably, though, the garage sale ad meant a recumbent bike (one that allows someone to lean back and stretch out while riding), not an incumbent (someone who holds office or some other position).

Then again, the next time you vote, beware of a stationary candidate who is riding for re-election.

Strike that. Beware of a candidate who is lying back and pedaling in office.

Strike that again. Just avoid a ride-in candidate.

Got it?

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